Adhesive Name Tags (Satin Stickies)

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Our Premium flexible synthetic-fabric with removable adhesive back is residue free on your clothing and a quick easy way to identify your patrons.  Due to the synthetic-fabric we use, our satin stickies possess a unique look and feel for easy counterfeit detection.  Great for single day events, you can still give your attendees a VIP feel without effecting your budget.


Multiple Designs? How Many Do You Have? (+$5.00)

Must be Same Size as Other Name Badges

Individual Customization

Please submit Names in an xls file.
Images must be jpgs and include file name in an xls file.

Quantity Breakdown & Additional Notes

Please specify qty breakdowns if printing multiple designs or let us know if needed by specific date


Adhesive Name Badges, or Satin Stickies, are a great cost effective way to keep your event organized and make your attendees feel special at the same time. Great for single day events. Customized Name Badges help your attendees converse at network easier and gives your event that professional touch. Due to the synthetic satin fabric we use, our Name Badges possess a unique look and feel making them aesthetically pleasing and hard to counterfeit.  


Don’t have a design? No problem!

We have our Templates with proper sizing, bleeds, and cut marks so you can literally drag and drop your images and text in any design program. If you are not very handy with graphic design, take advantage of our in-house graphic designers at $89, they will design up to 3 badges or tickets for you. Be sure to communicate with your designer to make sure you're getting the designs what you want to see. We can create your badge for you with any color, images and text that you desire. Giving your event a touch of uniqueness and professionalism. Your Badge will make a keepsake long after your event is over.

Variable Printing Made Easy

What about special numbering or custom name printing? You name it, we do it!

Each badge can be custom imprinted with individual names, seats, numbers, and/or barcodes which our highly trained staff will do for you quick and easy. Simply submit a name or seating manifest in an excel doc and we’ll take care of the rest. You can add position title, prefixes, suffixes, check digits or anything else you need. Create a new column for any new type of information you want to include or make variable.

I want to use these as staff badges. Can each badge have an employee picture? Absolutely!

For personal ID pictures, please format each image in a 1″ x 1″ jpg. Make sure the name of image file matches name in excel sheet exactly for fastest production results. If first and last names are in separate columns, a new column with both names together must be included in your excel sheet. No need to add *.jpg to the excel sheet names.

Need A barcode? Done!

We can print any barcode under the sun. We can integrate with all the online ticket outlets and scanners on the market today quick & easy. *If you will be using a barcode please specify in the additional notes area and a representative will contact you for further details.

What about special numbering or custom name printing? You name it, we do it!

If you have assigned seating manifests, prefixes, suffixes, check digits or anything else we got you covered at no extra charge. *If you are unsure what manifest file to upload please indicate in the additional notes and a representative will contact you.

For more clarification please click here or contact a sales rep at 1-800-481-4948.

Additional information

Weight 0.00281250 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × .0010 in
Adhesive Badge Size

2.625 x 4in, 3x4in, 3x5in, 3.5×5.5in


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