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Raffle Tickets

You may pick the raffle winner at random, but thats no way to choose a raffle ticket printer! Grandstand believes there is a lot more to a raffle ticket than a name and a number. Our custom raffle tickets are not only designed and printed to project a professional image about your charity or non-profit event, but also: help organize your sales team, build lasting relationships, increase sales, generate excitement, and capture as much information as you require. All tickets can be numbered in any fashion and perforated with one tear off stub at no extra charge. 

Event and Admission Tickets

Print Event Pro believes tickets are the lifeblood of your event, they allow you to create anticipation, track your sales, secure your gates, promote your sponsors, and give your attendees a tangible memento to keep for years to come. It’s the ability to do all these jobs simultaneously that makes a piece of paper a ticket. It’s the ability to do all these jobs beyond expectation at an affordable price that makes a ticket a Print Event Pro ticket!

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About Our Tickets

Almost every event has different needs and aspect, making each event’s ticket requirements different as well. That’s why we make sure Grandstand Tickets are some of the most customizable tickets available to you on the market.

Whether you needs include printing assigned seating, barcoding, security ink, anti-copy bars—or just a professional design created to your exact specifications—any of our Grandstand Tickets can be tailored to meet your exact needs for each and every event. Need help? Contact a customer service rep at 1-800-481-4948.